The Broken System – Time to Burn it Down

The other day when I was contemplating the idea of a broken system I had the random thought that…the system works for the prior generation. They set it up. We’re just stuck with it.

When you can’t even speak honestly amongst your friends, or let them know who you’re meeting with, we have a fucking problem. “It’s just business” is bullshit. Quit being pieces of shit. Stop trying to fuck over anyone and everyone to get a leg up. That just fucks over everybody and…you’re probably not going to get cut in on that deal.

HepV Contagion

We need to quit being shit landmen to each other if we ever want to be better. The whole “don’t ever let anyone see what you’re working on” attitude is a result of the pieces of shit in our industry like Hep V. He’s a plague that seems to be a recurring blight on OGayC. Those boys just can’t help but keep fucking their own clients. Makes all of us sick from their contagion.

What’s the solution? Stop being pieces of shit. Break the cycle.

Or don’t. Nobody else cares. But if you’re a piece of shit, you’re never working with me Or my partners. We’ll be the last landmen standing. You can go fuck right off and be a mineral bro because you’re not welcome here.

AAPL and “Unethics”

The other part of this problem is that the most unethical pieces of shit are the ones who have friends on the AAPL board of ethics. They throw regular landmen under the bus for trying to make a fucking living and call themselves righteous. I’m done with that shit. AAPL is part of the problem.

What have they ever done for landmen? Stollen your money when you needed it most. That’s all. The amount of money they collect from dues should be sufficient to offer everybody free passes to NAPE and free continuing education. They don’t do that because they are only concerned about feeding themselves. YOU CAN ALWAYS SELL USED CARS. That was their advice when things got real shitty but…you still had to pay your dues because “we’re powering the profession.”

If you can’t see the writing on the wall then I probably can’t help you but I sincerely hope anyone that’s read this far understands what I’m saying. We are so fucked. Time to burn things down and build on the ashes. Texting with the one who brunches and might be a Marxist yesterday I was amazed at how jaded he was. He can’t even get it up to fuck the AAPL anymore because he’s apparently not into necrophelia. We are so fucked.

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