Burn it Down and Salt the Ground

I’ve spent the past couple of days posting about how the landman and broker system is broken. If you haven’t read any of those rants, it’s probably a good place to start. This post below was sent to us this morning, I have not altered any of it. The Disillusioned are everywhere. In our complacency we have let this system continue to serve itself for far too long. The pigs are running the show. If you find yourself wanting to speak up…you know where to find us.

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Burn it Down and Salt the Ground 

Long time listener. First time caller here. You can call me Disillusioned. 

I used to think the system was built by and works for Boomers and no one else. But management keeps getting younger. And yet management keeps getting more boomerific every day. And nothing changes. 

That’s not to say all Boomers are bad people, but as a whole, they are one of the most self-centered group of people there is. And the people they are choosing to take up their mantle when they finally decide to move on are groomed in the same way. 

Management knows best.

Or so they claim. 

Some of the worst work product I’ve seen put out has been done by management. These are supposed to be sophisticated people that understand the ins and outs of the business but then something crosses your desk that they worked on and didn’t ask for help with and all you can do is shake your head at the elementary level of the product. 

Trust us. Just do your job and we will take care of you.

Or so they claim. 

There is a reason people hop jobs more often than they used to. Organizations show absolutely minimal loyalty (sometimes less than required by law) to their people. But yet they demand absolute maximum fealty from you. They pay lip service to being family friendly and flexible but when push comes to shove, they expect to be the absolute priority. 

Or is it something about being in management that makes you paranoid. But that’s probably a post for another day. 

There are days I think I am just jaded and disillusioned but then I talk to others that have the same experiences and realize it’s not just me. These are not bugs in the system. They are features. Burn it down and salt the ground. 

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