Winners of the Reverse Caption Contest, 1st Place @MOAR_Drilling!

This weekend we had some great competition, but in the end my panel of esteemed Landbros, boasting over 7,000 years of combined experience had to pick the winners. A special thanks to @LandMannery, @LandmanBro, @Massive_Frac, @PermianLandman, and @LandmanNotes for helping as judges.


THE WINNER BY ALMOST UNANAMOUS VOTE WAS @MOAR_Drilling for going full sleeveless landbro, bro! Congrats man, you’re the proud winner of an ENERGY LOUD ENERGY PROUD coffee mug and some ENERGY LOUD ENERGY FUCKING PROUD! Stickers!

If You’re Not First, You Can Still be Second…

2nd Place goes to @EH8SW3, we had a great time speculating who the owner of this vehicle might be…You get some ENERGY LOUD ENERGY FUCKING PROUD Stickers!

The Bronze at the Bar

3rd place is going to the second submission from @ShaleUniKitty. We know you had to dig deep into the blackout zone to remember this one. Do they serve Claws at that bar? I’m feeling like in honor of the bar, you’re getting koozies for this one.

Finally, a Tie for Fourth

@TheMarcellusOG and @RickArmadillo tied with 1 vote each, but since we’re feeling generous today I’m gonna send ya’ll some LandmanLife stickers.

Honorable Mention:

@HalliBu78316368 got 1 vote and 3 Honorable Mention, so it only seemed fitting that she WON the Honorable Mention with this Disposable Bullshit Bag that honestly I laughed at, and then texted to a whole bunch of buddies.

@landmanbro ALSO got 3 Honorable Mentions, and generously stepped down since he was a judge. This pic was also submitted by another account (after it was originally submitted by LMB), and this sparked a very entertaining roast in the judges DM thread. That guy must have been “CRUSHING DEALS!”

The Rest of the Pack…

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