Ugly Swag Party [Contest] [Giveaway]

IT’S FRIDAY, to celebrate we’re doing a new giveaway! If you haven’t already checked out the Downturn Survival Guide, go take a minute to read through the posts from @LandmanNotes [Diet Tips for the Struggling Landman] and @massive_frac [Good Grief]. Now, to the details…

All of us have gotten corporate swag from events, parties, meetings, and sometimes just randomly in the mail…and not all swag was created equal. There’s some REALLY shitty swag out there. Now’s your chance to show it off and have the chance to win some LandmanLife swag in the process!

Judges for this contest are @LandmanLife, @MOAR_Drilling, & @EnonChairman


Post a pic of the ugliest corporate (bonus points for oil companies) swag you’ve ever received, make sure to tag the judges @LandmanLife @MOAR_Drilling & @EnronChairman and maybe give us a brief explanation of where you got said ugly swag. Images grabbed off the internet will be subjected to strict scrutiny and possible disqualification.


The winner(s?) will get some LandmanLife swag, and the grand prize winner will get their pic of a hat from the store, including the (yet unreleased) Alpine High hat.


Contest ends Sunday at noon, in case you need the entire weekend to dig through your old golf bag trying to find that one piece of REALLY hideous swag.

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