The #EFT Community, Meetups, and Katy Trail Ice House TONIGHT

#EFT Community Meetup Tonight

It’s about 12:15 pm and I’m on a flight from San Antonio to Dallas. This trip will be all of 24 hours, actually…my flight leaving San Antonio was delayed, so I’ll be in Dallas a little under 24 hours now. I know it’ll be worth it. Hotdog Oil is coming all the way down from Michigan to host an #EFT Meetup tonight in downtown Dallas. My involvement and participation was, as always with LandmanLife, very last minute. The pieces just seemed to fall into place. I’m always amazed at how the #EFT Community brings people together.

Monday, November 20th, 2023

Katy Trail Ice House

Dallas, Texas

6pm to 8pm

Hotdogs Flyer which has been edited a few times now

Supporting #EFT and our random but fun community is something I am always down for. Most of the time my support has been financial. It’s easier for me to throw in some money on a bar tab or more often just send some swag that it is for me to make time to travel to a random meetup in Houston, Midland, or wherever. Life has this uncanny ability to get in the way. Having a pregnant wife and an almost 2 year old at home hasn’t made it any easier to take off for a day or two. Shocker, right?

#EFT’s Best Moments

When I think of the #EFT community and its history, our brightest moment was during the dark days in 2020. The world was ending and a lot of us found solace with like minded people shitposting memes with strangers on the internet. I had some random ideas about parody logos for some of the Shitcos that were having a hard time staying solvent, and with the encouragement of a couple other #EFT anons, I ramped up the LandmanLife store to peddle my sarcastic swag. When the support from #EFT for the LandmanLife store started picking up, I had to start thinking of ways that I could give back to the community.

That turned into happy hours, golf tournaments, swag giveaways, sponsorships, RollCall and other random stuff over the years. Eventually Friday Standdown rose up from the community once we started tossing aside our anonymity. We kept that up for a good stretch, and even though our engagement and views were pretty fucking low, everybody that participated had a good time. It was a natural evolution of the #EFT community. Over the past couple of years a lot of other anons have come out and dox’d themselves, and we’ve lost a lot of really fun anons along the way as well (RIP CoKayne Anderson). I’ve met a lot of anons and randoms over these past years and it’s been a great experience.

The EFT shoe pic from a meetup in Houston earlier this year

Life Gets in the Way

Last night I was texting with Jen about #EFT (a natural topic after inviting her to the meetup tonight). She said she feels like we aren’t as strong or connected as a community anymore, and I have to agree. We’re just not. Life gets in the way. Everybody is back to work and we’re all ready for oil to hit $20 before the rocketship to $200 happens, probably within the same month. People have had [more] kids, gotten new jobs, and moved on from our collective misery back in 2020. That’s good, and I think we should celebrate that.

Jen and I also talked about how amazing #EFT was, and still is, for networking. Some of the anons and randoms I’ve met from #EFT have become close friends, businesses associates, or clients. At first, LandmanWife thought it was weird that I was spending so much time with random people on the internet. Then I started meeting some of those strangers as the world began re-opening. LandmanWife still thought it was a waste of time, just some hobby I’d get tired of. Then she started coming along to meet some of those strangers…and much to her surprise…they were normal people just like us. Well…nobody is ever going to argue that PermianPost is a normal person like us, but most of ya’ll are pretty okay. She started to understand that #EFT is a community.

El Tiempo after an EFT Meetup

How the #EFT Community Evolves

Fast forward to today, on a very turbulent flight to Dallas for a last minute #EFT meetup. My business partner at MYR Land Services is someone I met through #EFT. We have some clients that we met through #EFT. The Intard was discovered through #EFT, along with the Landbros. Some of our very good friends are people we met on #EFT, like Laura Pommer and Scott Leaseburge. I wouldn’t have met most of those people if it had not been for the #EFT community. Knowing ya’ll has been awesome and amazing more than it’s been shitty and depressing, so I want to sincerely thank you for the support over the past couple of years.

If you are near the Dallas area and can make it out to the meetup tonight, please come join us. There is always room for one more and there is always time for just one more beer. I’ve managed to make the time for it. You can too. If you are thinking about coming, but hesitating for any reason other than a prior commitment, don’t let life get in the way. You don’t have to be part of the #EFT community, but I’m sure that you will be if you come have a good time with us. You never know who you are going to meet. We’re not a bunch of weirdos. Well…I might be, but I’m at least a fun weirdo. Come have a beer and let’s hang out.

Monday, November 20th, 2023

Katy Trail Ice House

Dallas, Texas

6pm to 8pm

Swag on deck

Hope to see ya’ll there!

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