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From the storage closet that LandmanLife calls the intern’s office, for immediate release world wide and with the blessing of our glorious Chairman Kenny Lay @EnronChairman, may he reign forever.

LandmanLife Worldwide would like to formally announce the start of two new partnerships that will advance us to our goal of being #EFT’s #1 Slingers of Swag.

“Our focus at LandmanLife is to work with people that we would want to hang out and drink a couple beers with, so with that in mind, I am very excited to welcome both @Oilfield_Rando and @TejanoBrown into the LandmanLife Family. These guys have been cranking out fire content for a long time, and we couldn’t be happier to have them working with us. Our first big move was appointing ArmaliteAndy @Deep_Seas_Oil to the position of Chief Meme Officer, and now we’re starting to take over #EFT without really trying. The pie is getting larger and we want to make sure the people that are helping us grow will have a slice.” -@LandmanLife

So that @Oilfield_Rando can stay focused on his main objective, adding content to that shows everyone how the government is garbage, LandmanLife will be working on RANDOLAND branded merchandise (to be sold at Rando has an army of fans, and it’s about time they had some badass swag to show off their support. Tank Tops and Trucker Hats are already getting designed and should be available in the very near future.

The partnership between LandmanLife and @TejanoBrown will be LandmanLife’s first major venture into reaching people in oil and gas that are not Landmen (they do exist). will be home to all of TB’s educational walkthrough videos and hopefully some more in depth explanation of some of the technical tools and processes shown in those videos.

We’re all looking forward to making some money and crushing cold ones on more Roll Call Fridays.

For media inquiries or further questions, contact the Intern on Twitter, @LandmanNotes or by email at

Energy Loud, Energy Fucking Proud, let’s fucking go!!!!

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