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Since we keep seeing requests for a list of oil and gas books, we decided to put together our own with some of our favorite reads. This list spans from beginners guides to the industry all the way to the technical aspects of how the industry works, with quite a lot of history and geopolitics mixed in for good measure. Whether you’re needing something to put on the shelf to collect dust or really want to dive into some new material, this list should have something to fit your needs.

The more entertaining books in this list would be Chocolate Lizards (one of my favorite novels), Oilfield Trash, The Frackers, and The Greatest Gamblers. Each of those books has a unique way of telling the stories about the oilfield, its history, and the people that made their fortunes (and misfortunes) chasing their dreams.

Both The Prize and The Quest are comprehensively detailed histories and analysis about the industry from Daniel Yergun and appear on most Oil and Gas Books lists. Just be prepared for the dry slog to make it through the dense material, but know it’s well researched and painstakingly detailed. The Smartest Guys in the Room should be a must read for anyone in the industry. Many people don’t realize how close Enron got to keeping that house of cards standing…

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