Life Comes At You Fast

It’s August 19, 2023 and during this month alone (so far), I’ve posted 15 times (this post will make it 16). Since the last time I rebooted the site, which was sometime in early 2019, I have posted/re-posted 110 total posts. That means this month alone has accounted for over 13% of the total posts. Looking at it like that…makes me feel like that’s a lot. Thinking about it from the standpoint of (that’s less than 3 weeks of posts), it seems pretty small. But they all add up, and continue to keep adding up.

This summer has been brutally hot, which increases everybody’s stress levels more than they normally would be. Most of us are still in some sort of shock from the world going to shit in 2020, maybe that daze just doesn’t wear off. Over the past 3 years since that dark time (which ironically was very sunny, at least for us), I’ve heard lots of people say “I’m just not ready for this yet.”

Well…life comes at you fast, and you’re never going to be more ready than you are in that moment. Sometimes you’ve just got to keep your head up and roll with the punches. Don’t waste time counting the gray hairs because there will always be more.

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