Define “Good Landman” [Archives] [Repost from November 27, 2012]

Define "Good Landman" [Archives] [Repost from November 27, 2012]

Well shit, according to that I don’t know any good landmen! Maybe back in the day of wildcatting you could find someone who roughly fit that description (or at least would convincingly say they did), before companies hired entire crews of the 99% to do one mans job. It’s probably for the best though, having large crews should in theory dilute the stupidity of most landmen and bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator. On the flip side, large crews also diminish the intelligence that occasionally one or two people may possess on a crew, but that doesn’t matter to the company. Just keep on billing till they tell you to stop, and don’t worry too much about how stupid you are because you can’t fix stupid.

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