A Better #EFT

A couple of weeks ago arguments started that are still weighing on our community. People took sides. Things got heated, and then the personal attacks started. Like a set of dominos, almost all of us got dragged into this somehow. The dominos 10 pieces away might not matter to you, but they kept falling. Disagreements over the purpose, direction, and mission of #EFT and the oil and gas industry as a whole came to the forefront.

Nobody runs #EFT.

#EFT is not a company.

Nobody owns it.

There is no platform that controls it.

Questions facing #EFT

How We Do Better

There is a give and take to everything in life. If you are finding yourself feeling angry, frustrated, drained, depressed, or just down about what you are seeing on #EFT, you have options. Take a break. Mute/Unfollow/Block people that piss you off. Don’t waste your time engaging with something that you know is going to turn into a pointless argument. Focus on providing something beneficial to the conversation. Make us all better by not engaging.

Bullies are the same here as they were in middle school, they’ll keep picking on you to get a reaction. Back in school you had the options of fighting back or just walking away. On the internet, fighting back is just pushing you further into the bullshit. How do you handle that? Ignore them.

We come from different backgrounds, we have different viewpoints, experiences, knowledge, faults, goals and dreams. When #EFT is at its best, we have room for everything and everyone. Pumpers talking to geos, landmen talking to wireline operators, drillers talking to analysts, Canadians just wanting to talk to anyone that’ll listen…

Businesses and partnerships have started from EFT relationships. So far, I don’t know that any babies have been conceived as a result of EFT…but we don’t know for sure that none have, so there’s always the possibility.

A New Direction

Farewell to The Roadtrip to Nowhere

For me personally, last year was terrible. LandmanWife and I were going through some very difficult times, and throwing the “pandemic” on top of that made for a fucking rough ride. I have shared the story of that struggle with a few people here on EFT, and it was amazing how supporting they have been. For those of you who know what I’m talking about, thank you for being there for me.

It took over a decade of being/running LandmanLife for me to find the true purpose. We have our direction now. “The Roadtrip to Nowhere” will forever be part of the spirit of LandmanLife, but it’s no longer a mission statement. As we continue to rebrand we will focus more on giving back to the community. We’ve got some great new people, partnerships, content, and exciting ideas to unveil over the next couple of months.

Our end goal is to grow this community. The money we’ve made from selling swag has gone into expanding our product catalog, giving back to the community, or been donated to charity. We no longer have ads on the site, and we are not going to use our content for advertising. The focus is on producing content that people can engage with, not trying to monetize it. We’ll chose the community over the corporations all day, every day.

LandmanLife is for everyone. If that’s something that speaks to you, come join the party.


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